Event - 3rd Oct 2017

Our next event is at Bergundy and Black in Dorking at 7.30 on 3rd Oct 2017.

We've gone a little off-ppiste here and offer you three unusual subjects in a workshop format.

Cllrs Claire Malcolmson and Clayton Wellman present Mole Valley District Council

From potholes to planning, MVDC is often the target of our ire. Claire and Clayton are wil be here to explian how the councl actually works, discuss your concerrrns and tell us how they can help address the environmental challenges we face.

Local fracking

As our group was formed to promote renewable energy, we are generally opposed to fracking. Being from Dorking we are actutely aware of the issues at Leith Hill and whist this isn't regularly part of our agenda we felt that you would like to know about it.

Local campaigner Chris Cook will be along to answer questions and bring you up to speed with the latest news.

Electric vehicles and charing points

Already covered in our recent emails, the imminent boom in this industry brings us a cleaner environment ad better air quality.

Find out where we are on this road and share your suggestions on how Dorking Solar Group can help this grow through the installation of more charging points.

23 Sep 2017