Be a part of the Schools' Energy Co-op community solar project

The Schools’ Energy Co-op (SEC) is now seeking to raise £500,000 to install Solar Panels on at least seven schools and a children’s hospice via its fourth public share offer. Since August 2014, SEC has raised £1.3m which have been used to finance solar panel installations on 36 schools while paying back interest to community investors. The schools need not pay for the panels and their electricity rates are reduced. Most of the electricity produced is consumed on site by the schools which operate during the day, ensuring an efficient electricity distribution system, reducing carbon emissions and acting as a real time engineering lesson for the students.

Members of the public can invest as little as £100 in the offer and receive a 4.5% annual return on their investment, although please keep in mind that these investments should be viewed long term. The share offer is expected to close on 18th September, depending on when funding targets are met. Like Dorking Solar Group, SEC is a non profit entity acting in the interest of the overall community.

If you would like to learn more about this offer, please read the investment brochure by clicking on the following link:

27 Aug 2018